Silk, stars and samurais: my vintage wish list 

I'm trying not to buy things at the moment. My boyfriend and I are saving to go on a selection of awesome adventures involving elephants, sloths and tapirs. In lieu of actually buying anything I've just made a long list of things I love right now. Chambray blue cotton dress, The Vintage Mistress This feels like … Continue reading Silk, stars and samurais: my vintage wish list 


Windows shopping

Shopping for vintage things on the internet is my favourite, even if I don't actually end up buying anything. Here's my wishlist for this week. Green glass clip on earrings – Gillain Hosrup, Grays Antiques A pair of square, green glass, Judy Lee clip earrings, that Gillian thinks probably came from the 1950/60's. £45 Green and white … Continue reading Windows shopping