Misadventures with a wildflower window box

I had high hopes for our balcony when I started gardening in September last year. I saw our modest concrete enclosure through rose, tulip and poppy-tinted spectacles. It would become an urban jungle, I thought, filled with hanging baskets brimming with trailing ivy and big, beaming flowers, birds and bees making the glorious space their home. It would … Continue reading Misadventures with a wildflower window box

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Glass

Crocus in glass vase, Urban Jungle Bloggers

This will be my first ever post for Urban Jungle Bloggers. Aloha! The theme this month is 'glass and plants' so I thought I'd share a few photos of a little crocus bulb I planted in a glass vase back in December. I love the long noodle-esque roots that swirl around in the water. The … Continue reading Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Glass