Windows shopping

Shopping for vintage things on the internet is my favourite, even if I don't actually end up buying anything. Here's my wishlist for this week. Green glass clip on earrings – Gillain Hosrup, Grays Antiques A pair of square, green glass, Judy Lee clip earrings, that Gillian thinks probably came from the 1950/60's. £45 Green and white … Continue reading Windows shopping

Things I love – Rockett St George

It’s just the best shop. It’s so cool, I wish I had enough money to completely furnish my flat with their furniture and accessories. The style is all vintage and industrial and grey (which is my favourite colour), and they sell things like wallpaper, rugs, desks,  and candle holders in the shape of duck feet. … Continue reading Things I love – Rockett St George

Mysteries I’d like to solve in 2014

1. Who is eating those little sachets of Silica Gel you get when you buy a new bag? I mean somebody must be doing it, because the only thing written on the sachet is DO NOT EAT in capital letters. There are loads of things that you shouldn’t eat, like pens, and tulips but none … Continue reading Mysteries I’d like to solve in 2014