The line of beauty

Since moving to Kew Gardens last year, a fair portion of my life has been spent on the rattly, elegant and idiosyncratic District line. Here is my love letter to- in my opinion - the best of all the London Underground railways. Firstly, the District line is most definitely a railway, rather than a tube. Most … Continue reading The line of beauty


The secret wonders of Kew Gardens Tropical Nursery…

Tucked away in a leafy corner behind a pair of Victorian wrought-iron gates lies Kew Gardens Tropical Nursery. It’s a hot, misty place, filled with intriguing and bizarre wonders of the natural world, from the world’s largest flower to the tiniest lily. The Nursery is where Kew do research, conservation work, and look after rare … Continue reading The secret wonders of Kew Gardens Tropical Nursery…

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Glass

Crocus in glass vase, Urban Jungle Bloggers

This will be my first ever post for Urban Jungle Bloggers. Aloha! The theme this month is 'glass and plants' so I thought I'd share a few photos of a little crocus bulb I planted in a glass vase back in December. I love the long noodle-esque roots that swirl around in the water. The … Continue reading Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plants & Glass

How do I hate thee orchids… let me count the ways

The annual Orchid Festival at Kew Gardens is coming up over the next few weeks and as a member, I have received a tidal wave of spam about the ghastly things. I thought it was timely therefore to share some of the many reasons that I despise orchids. To begin with, I hate the look … Continue reading How do I hate thee orchids… let me count the ways