Making a bath soak, making a mess


After the success of my homemade shampoo (read about it here) I felt pretty bloody good about myself. Inevitably, I thought it would be a crackin’ idea to start making more of my own beauty products.

I decided to start with my own bubble bath. How tricky could this be?

VERY TRICKY it turns out. I’ve tried lots of different recipes and none of my creations seem to actually make any bubbles. I’ve even tried chucking an egg white in the bath, which only seemed to create this weird meringuey scum on the surface of the water. Now I love meringue, but I can say from experience, it’s not nice sitting in one.

So after many hours spent scouring the internet, and a similar number scouring my bath to remove egg residue, I’ve decided to be resourceful, and simply rebrand my failed attempt at a bubble bath as a BATH SOAK.

I’m not entirely convinced that this is as eco-friendly as the rest of the internet will happily claim. At the end of the day, oil is still going down the drain which is bad. PLUS, essential oils, might not be as hippy and hemp wearing as they make out either.

NEVERTHELESS, this recipe has far fewer chemicals than the standard bubble bath you find on the shelf of a pharmacy, and this whole thing has made me more aware of what I wash with, and what is going down the drain.

It still makes a really nice bath, and afterwards you feel all soft and smooth and you smell really nice. In summary: all is not lost

Recipe for homemade bath soak

  • 150 ml water
  • 6 tbsps Dr Bronner’s castille soap
  • 5 tbsps coconut oil
  • 4-5 drops of essential oil

Chuck everything in a jar, mix it up, then shake the jar vigorously to combine

Wait for it to settle, then pour into a bottle.

Add a sprig of lavender to the bottle to finesse and voila! DONE!

Picture of ingredients for DIY bath soakDIY eco friendly bath soak. Use castille soap, water, coconut oil and essential oil with water. Recipe via A Ranson Note http://nicolaranson.comCoconut oil used in DIY bath soakShake-the-jar!DIY-bath-soak



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