Urban Jungle Bloggers: Planty Appetit!

 Incredibly late to the table with this post (pun not intended, honest!)

This month’s Urban Jungle Bloggers topic is all about plants used as a table setting. So I invited some of my favourite house plants to join us for dinner.

Readers, let me introduce you to Viola the African Violet, Keith a big out of control Kalanchoe that some friends gave me a few years ago and Penelope the Peperomia.

The gang joined us for some home made sushi, served with little shots of Suntory whisky that Gavin picked up in Tokyo last week.


My new personalised chopsticks were also a gift from Tokyo. I think Gavin intended for my name to be written in Japanese but the request was lost in translation. I love them all the same.


I absolutely adore my house plants. They are like little green photosynthesizing pets, that rely on you to stay alive, and in return clean the air for you, filling it with that handy oxygen stuff we so rely on. I think I’ll definitely start inviting them for dinner more often, they were really no trouble…

Urban Jungle Bloggers is a monthly series run by two bloggers, Igor (Happy Interior Blog) and Judith (JOELIX.com). To view more from the glass and plants theme, visit the Urban Jungle Bloggers website



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