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April Fools’ Day. A wonderful, weird day where for centuries, little rascals across the world have been playing sneaky tricks on each other.

My favourite ever April Fools’ Day stunt took place when I was about eight years old.

Early one Sunday morning I  crept downstairs, went through my parents’ filing cabinet and took out their holiday booking confirmation. This was in the days when paper was a thing – remember that stuff?

I used my dad’s work line to call the house phone and in my best Irish accent (which I had been perfecting for weeks) told my poor parents that their holiday had been cancelled.

Somehow, I managed to convince my mother that I was indeed Theresa from Thomas Cook. It was only once she had passed the phone over to my Dad that they realised it was a Sunday, an odd day for Theresa to be working…

I won’t be trying to play any pranks on my unsuspecting family or friends this year. Instead, I have compiled an April Fool’s Day playlist in order to mark this weird/great day. Basically, it’s a selection of unrelated songs, tenuously linked by the word FOOL. Enjoy!

1. Fools Gold by The Stone Roses

2. Love Foolosophy by Jamiroquai

3. Lovefool by The Cardigans

4. Foolish by Tyler James

5. I’m a Fool to Want You by Billie Holiday

6. Trick me by Kelis

You can subscribe to my April Fools’ Day playlist on Spotify:


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