Wonderful autumn


Bonfire night, crispy orange leaves, pumpkin soup, the smell of log fires and burning wood, opaque tights, feeling snug, hot drinks, puddles.

It doesn’t disappoint you, autumn. In Britain, the summer will inevitably never live up to the expectations we have for it. When the rain comes in the autumn, we are ready for it. We are happy to stay inside with a mug of something hot, and sometimes spicy, and watch the rain drizzling down the window, or land in puddles illuminated by a streetlight or the moon. Or we’ll hop from puddle to puddle, in boots that can withstand the water, and won’t let any of it leak in.

We do autumn well.

The soundtrack to autumn should therefore match. Songs should sound like the wind whoosing around a building or a leaf wafting to the ground or the snap, crackle, pop of a real fire.

My list of autumn listening is here. I hope it sounds like autumn to you too.

Top five autumn tracks

  1. I’ll Be Gone By Winter, by C. Duncan
  2. Blown Rose, by Blossoms
  3. Courting the Squall, by Guy Garvey
  4. Ocean of Night, by Editors
  5. Drapeau Blanc, by Coeur de Pirate

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