Things I love – Rockett St George

It’s just the best shop. It’s so cool, I wish I had enough money to completely furnish my flat with their furniture and accessories. The style is all vintage and industrial and grey (which is my favourite colour), and they sell things like wallpaper, rugs, desks,  and candle holders in the shape of duck feet.

Some bloke once said you should only have things in your house that are useful or really nice to look at, (or something along those lines) – if you bought everything from RSG it would be the most swish and stylish home in the land. FACT.

Here are some of my favourite things they sell that I am more than happy to receive as gifts if anyone is feeling generous:

Shake Rattle and Roll cocktail shaker. I mean, COME ON, that’s the best named cocktail shaker I’ve ever seen.


Traditional metal and wood toilet roll holder. Toilet roll is one of the most UNGLAMOROUS things you can get but this is truly lovely.


100% Egyptian cotton duvet cover. Egyptian. Silver lace. Bed time. BEAUTIFUL.


 Artificial cockatoo. No one needs an artificial bird, this is an utterly pointless product, but fantastic all the same. CHEEP CHEEP.


Mole string and scissor holder. No explanation needed as to why I flipping love this.


Bakelite Telephone Lamp. This is a whopping £620 but it’s also pretty amazing.

Visit Rockett St George online


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